The Best Gimbal For Canon 5D Cameras!

Are you a camera geek, you should know a good gimbals importance in video production. Besides, if you are serious about the production of video, it is a must that you invest in buying a quality gimbal than going for inexpensive choices.

The Zhiyun Crane 3 is the recent Crane series addition of gimbals. Zhiyun has taken to understand from building their flagship gimbals namely Crane 2. Now Crane 2 has a unique design and it handles up to 4.58 kg the camera payloads.

Why Zhiyun Crane?
Zhiyun Crane is a handheld gimbal. It works amazingly with DSLR and mirrorless camera offering a smooth shoot and a cinematic 4k video. It has gained fame among amateur and professional filmmakers owing to its suitable price, flexible design, diverse controls, and one-handed operation.

Zhiyun Crane 3 is compatible with Canon EOS 5D, M series, Sony a7, Nikon J series, and Pansonic Lumix. Zhiyun launched this updated version based on user feedback and has ensured significant improvements. Zhiyun also offers the best customer support for this gimbal.

Versatile structure: Crane 3 offers an ergonomic and versatile structure that revolutionizes entire appearance. The gimbal handle is rightly placed that it offers a handy under-slung position that you will notice that it is flexible and extremely effort-saving in handling.
Perfectly functional design: Crane 3 is a gimbal that features wireless FHD transmission image integrated, touch control, zoom & focus control, and control panel all-inclusive. It is designed to favor professional filmmakers so that it is unbeatable in the industry.
Motors of Aviation grade: Adopting the motors of aviation grade and a new structure ensures Crane 3 now offers noise reduction to 50% and motor torque increase to 100%. There is an improvement to 150% in the speed of response, while the zoom and focus control gets mobilized of the gimbal synchronically, that it is the first in the industry of its kind.
Absolute compatibility: The arms have longer axis and Crane 3 offers a stunning payload that is compatible with the video lenses and DSLR’s. It wireless image technology of transmission streams the video up to 1080 P and with tablets and Smartphone’s, the compatibility is great for both iOS and Android systems. It also can be employed as a monitor offering parameter settings of real-time with live preview. You can take shots and frame now of any view from any angle.

The gimbal is light-weight as it is in aluminum and the dimensions of the gimbal assure its durability. You can buy additional batteries if you wish to have endless videography of high-quality. Crane 3 also supports the weight of the camera and its one-hand operation allows accessing it with ease. The buttons are in 1 square inch that it allows operating it with a joystick.

Wrapping up
People always desiring to have professional and high-quality video can consider Zhiyun Crane 3. It is affordable, easy to use and with a little practice with the gliding pans, you balance the camera with ease.