The Best Gimbal For The Canon EOS 7D!

Do you need extra stabilization with a DSLR for your work with videography; if so you may look for a DSLR gimbal. There are many gimbals available now in the market. It is up to you to hold on, go through the features and suit the one that is awesome for your camera. Gimbals are designed as handheld eliminating the setting up as a tripod so that you stabilize your footage so that there is no disturbance and it allows you to move.

A gimbal provides a pivoted support allowing rotating on a single axis. A gimbal is mounted on the cameras during videography and photography to eliminate wobbling or shaking assuring steadier and clearer shots. Thus a gimbal is similar to some tripod, though it is lighter and smaller.

While there are various gimbals used with different video cameras, the best for Canon EOS 7D is Feiyutech AK4000.

About AK4000 gimbal
AK4000 is a versatile and powerful gimbal in the FeiyuTech range. It is a complete tool for advanced filmmakers. It features sophisticated ergonomics, advanced algorithms, and top-quality motors to ensure, smooth, vibration-free shots. It offers the ability to bring gimbal with the camera allowing the user to use the complete potential of operator skills.

The AK4000 is designed allowing movement in combination with a range of lenses. This gimbal is suitable for an enlarged mounting surface. It allows VDSLR and professional cameras installation and the versatility allows attachment of small and compact cameras. There is the roll axis motor assuring easy access at all times to the camera display.

The AK4000 provides 5 different stabilization modes allowing adjusting the performance to suitable needs. The motor assures stability and smoothness, while the algorithms of anti-shake assure the operator achieves the effect intended.

Panning mode – The camera follows smoothly the rotational movement, holding a fixed position.
Lock mode- The lens remains constant as the axes rotation is locked in this position.
Tracking mode- The camera follows smoothly the rotation of the handle.
Multi-axis tracking mode- The gimbal movement helps the camera to handle all three axes.
Fast response mode- The camera follows swivel movement quickly, maintaining a fixed position to the horizon line.

More Features

Big Potential
The 4 kg load capacity allows using most professional cameras and DSLRs. The gimbal arms are designed such that they cause no hindrance.
This mode permits recording classic video programmed panoramas or timelapse photography and is automatically executed.

Selfie mode
For travelers and vloggers, there is a noteworthy function. The gimbals allow doing 180 easily. With the revolutionary touchscreen gimbal is easier. It gives control over the gimbal and helps users of iOS and Android devices.

This is an extension accessory offering grip designed for film making enthusiasts, video creators, and movie crew. It is paired with AK4000 gimbal offering dual handle grip and also a rig so that additional accessories are mounted. The accessory is lightweight and made of carbon fiber, facilitates assembling and disassembling, besides has foldable feet to keep the rig standing.

Wrapping Up
Controlling a device is intuitive and simple is proved by AK4000 as it allows switching between stabilizer functions and operating modes using function keys. It offers precise control allowing four-way joystick. The gimbal accessories are suitable for the Canon EOS 7D allowing maintaining order of work and ergonomics.