The Best Gimbal For The Nikon D750!

Gimbal stabilizers offer tripod support offering you maneuverability, thereby improving the quality of the film as you shoot and also walk. They are ideal for filming all kinds of projects and bring professionalism and quality.

Focus control knob built-in
For DSLR & mirrorless cameras up to 7lb
Rotation 360° on Roll Axes and Pan
MOD Lenses drive with motor

With Evo Rage 3 you may stabilize the camera, besides having control on the exposure while maintaining focus. Three motors are helping in stabilizing the camera on the tilt, pan, and roll axes. The roll and pan axes operate at 360° and the tilt axis 320° is in rotation. The Evo Rage 3 is the best gimbal for Nikon D750.

With Evo Rage 3 gimbals the motorized 3 –Axis helps to stabilize the camera. The mirrorless and DSLR cameras connect to Rage 3 gimbal. This is done using USB cables for focus control and camera using the focus knob built-in. Additionally, the photo lenses and MOD gearing with gear rings with the focus ring allowing the gimbals communicates for controlling focus. There are options to ensure you have the camera for operating exposure or focus.

There are stabilization 3 modes on the Rage 3 gimbal pre-programmed:
Pan Follow- Roll & tilt axis locked. Pan axis smoothly rotates with the wrist turn. Using up & down joystick helps to control the camera angle tilt.
Lock- Roll, tilt and pan axis locked. Using joystick helps in controlling tilt and pan manually.
Full follow- Roll axis locked. Tilt and pan axis follow smoothly to handle. Using left and the right the joystick to adjust.
Switching between modes is simple as clicking the button mode on the handle. It was an easy way to switch between modes and these different situations are referred to as different modes.

Eminent features

Focus Control
Depending on the camera brand, the manual control can be maintained over the lens focus as it includes the Pro-Focus drive motor. The motor features built-in focus knob interacts and actuates focus on lenses. The focus knob and the lens, control camera systems and assist in controlling the internal focus motor lens featuring seamless control remote experience.

OLED Status Display
The OLED built-in status allows you to navigate through change settings, navigate menus, and monitor in real-time the battery life.

Control of camera settings
The Rage 3 control is compatible with cameras and it linked to the camera. It can be manually adjusted to your ISO, aperture, and shutter speed without touching the camera.

Quick Release Plate industry-standard
The platform of the camera uses the Manfrotto video such that there are quick release plates. Cameras use compatible plates to be swapped in easily and balance on the gimbal for use.

Wrapping Up
EVO is synonyms with video stabilizers and specializes for Nikon D750 as the perfect gimbal. This is a premium product for your photography and video needs. Step up with the EVO Rage 3 gimbal.