The 5 Best Camera Straps for DSLR Cameras On The Market!

Choosing for the best camera straps for DSLR cameras may not be the same for each photographer. That’s because while each choice does pretty much the same thing – which is keep your camera securely around your neck or shoulder – these straps come in a wide variety of designs. So while some might be a great investment for some photographers, there’s no guarantee that it will get the same rave reviews from others.

The last thing anyone wants is to spend money on a product that won’t meet their needs and standards. So if you’re still not quite sure which camera strap you should shell out on, then keep on reading as we give you a complete low-down on the very best camera straps for DSLR cameras so you can find one that truly meets your expectations.

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The Ultimate Choice for Camera Straps for DSLR

We’ve done the research and we’ve compared all the different choices on the market, and HiiGuy’s Camera Strap for DSLR cameras is the ultimate camera strap for DSLRs currently available. This multi-functional piece takes the entire camera strap game to a whole new level, giving you greater functionality and ease of use so you can enjoy problem-free camera handling.

The strap comes as a complete set, including a micro fiber cloth, a metal screw neck mount, and SD case, a safety tether, and an eBook entitled 199 Best Tips for DSLR Photography which is valued at just around half a hundred dollars. This makes the entire strap set of much greater value especially if you’re looking for something that offers you greater functionality and use compared to simpler, typical strap designs.

Other than this impressive bundle, the strap itself boasts a few features that set it apart from other choices. Firstly, it’s made of high quality materials that lend it impressive durability and resistance to damage. This lets you use the strap on the daily for even the heaviest of camera build without worrying about it snapping or giving up on you during use. The strap can also be adjusted to over 32 inches long, opening up more possibilities for different carrying styles so you can comfortable use the strap in a way that’s easy and convenient for you.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that the HiiGuy Camera Strap for DSLR Cameras comes with a 3 year warranty. This isn’t something that’s common with straps because they’re rarely ever seen as a product that requires a warranty. Nonetheless, HiiGuy does offer its buyers a lengthy 3 year warranty, so you can have your strap replaced in case of any sort of factory defect or damage.

The 5 Best Camera Straps for DSLR

Pros of the HiiGuy Camera Strap for DSLR Cameras

  • The entire set includes a number of different items that extend the functionality and value of the camera strap so you can get more out of your purchase.
  • The strap comes with a 3 year warranty that allows you to get free repairs and replacements in the event of a factory defect, malfunction, or damage.
  • Comfortable material feels good on the skin, eliminating the chances of irritation and chaffing.
  • Durable and robust, allowing you to confidently carry your camera around without having to worry about the strap breaking or snapping on you.
  • Uses materials that won’t cause any damage or scratches to your device.

Cons of the HiiGuy Camera Strap DSLR

  • It might feel a little too bulky and complicated for users who want something simple and straightforward.

The Second of the Top Camera Straps for DSLR

If you’re a dedicated professional photographer, it’s likely that you find yourself needing more than just one camera at a time. Now while there are some pretty decent camera bags out there, no one wants to keep opening and closing a bag to switch between two different cameras every time. That’s why the Shoulder Neck Camera Strap from Image was designed.

This particular camera strap takes the entire camera strap game to a new level by allowing you to carry two different DSLRs at the same time. This can help make you more efficient out on the field so you don’t miss out a single moment especially those that deserve to be captured as an image.

The strap also boasts a quick release system that lets you take it apart with ease. This makes it a lot easier to attach different cameras to the strap, as well as deconstruct it for packing away. Despite being easy to take apart though, the links that hold the different parts together are particularly reinforced. This helps guarantee that you won’t have to worry about your camera falling off during use.

Finally, the Image Shoulder Neck Camera Strap is designed for comfort. Although it does feature a pretty bulky design, the entire thing doesn’t cause friction or discomfort, so you can wear the strap for extended hours without having to worry about any pain on your shoulders or back.

Pros of the Image Shoulder Neck Camera Strap with Quick Release

  • The dual pad relieves the shoulder pain which most camera shoulder straps can’t provide, distributing weight evenly over the shoulders for optimal carrying.
  • The quick release mechanism is perfect for quick point and shoot, and impromptu shots and also makes the strap very easy to take apart.
  • The camera strap is compatible with all DSLR type camera brands.
  • Tripod is easily setup and can conveniently be turned into a fully adaptable plate for better camera shooting.
  • Made from high quality, durable materials that can withstand the test of daily wear and tear.

Cons of the Image Shoulder Neck Camera Strap with Quick Release

  • The clips that attach to your camera can be a little loose for some models.

Our Third Best Pick for Best Camera Straps for DSLR

Versatile, ergonomic, and comfortable, the Movo NS-3 Rapid Action Over-the-Shoulder Sling Camera Strap is one of the best camera straps for DSLR cameras on the market. The simple design makes carrying a bulky DSLR easy and hassle free, allowing you to capture the perfect shot at any position or angle minus the need to keep wrestling with a difficult strap.

The design slings over the shoulder and connects to your camera via a small piece of hardware that can travel the length of the entire strap. This enables users to hold their camera at any height without worrying about the strap getting in the way. The strap also extends up to 60 inches long, making it a perfect companion if you’re particularly tall, or if you prefer the freedom provided by a longer camera strap for your DSLR.

Comfort wise, there’s no complaining when it comes to the Movo NS-3. The design is ultra comfortable and rests perfectly on the shoulder to distribute weight in the best possible way. This prevents fatigue and strain that could be caused by some choices that tend to weigh down inappropriately on your back and shoulders.

Finally, the NS-3 is also compatible with a wide array of cameras. This makes it a great choice if you have more than once device on your arsenal, allowing you to leverage the strap no matter which camera companion you choose to take along with you on your trip.

The Best Cheap Camera Straps for DSLR

Pros of the Movo NS-3 Rapid Action Over-the-Shoulder Sling Camera Strap with Quick Release Clip

  • Ergonomic and versatile, making it easy to take shots at different angles minus the struggle of dealing with a stationary strap.
  • Very comfortable, allowing you to use the strap for extended periods of time without having to worry about fatigue, strain, and discomfort.
  • Made from premium materials that guarantee the safety of your device and the lifespan of the strap itself.
  • Compatible with a wide array of camera models for superb versatility and functionality.

Cons of the Movo NS-3 Rapid Action Over-the-Shoulder Sling Camera Strap with Quick Release Clip

  • The shoulder padding can slip off the shoulder if you’re wearing certain types of fabric.

Another Good Contender

The BIRUGEAR Anti-Slip Shoulder Neck Strap was made to add convenience to your adventures. This hard wearing camera strap design leverages durability and efficiency, letting you confidently keep your camera close at hand so you can take those quick shots with ease. The design also promises to provide you superb confidence, so you can take it on those long trips without worrying about fatigue or pain.

The design uses high quality material such as neoprene to achieve its impressive functionality.  The strap also features an extra long design that lets you wear it to meet your comfort. Its quick release hardware means you can unclip your camera at any time without having to fiddle with any complicated attachments. Despite this though, the design is very sturdy and durable, ensuring that your camera will be safe from falls.

Compatible with a wide variety of digital cameras, the only set back with the BIRUGEAR Anti-Slip Shoulder Neck Quick Release Neoprene Strap is that it can cause some sweating where you position it. This is mostly because it doesn’t really use very breathable materials, so the strap can cause the accumulation of moisture.

Pros of the BIRUGEAR Anti-Slip Shoulder Neck Quick Release Neoprene Strap for DSLR Cameras

  • Lightweight design makes it comfortable to use, reducing the amount of stress and pressure on the shoulders and neck.
  • Durable, giving you years of long, reliable use without showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Specially designed to distribute the weight of a camera, giving you a better way to carry it efficiently.
  • Quick release is convenient letting you capture those difficult shots anytime.

Cons of the BIRUGEAR Anti-Slip Shoulder Neck Quick Release Neoprene Strap for DSLR Cameras

  • Wearing the strap for extended periods could cause some sweating.
  • Around the shoulders, the strap can be comfortable. However wearing it around the neck might not offer the same experience.

Our Final Choice for our List of the Best Straps for DSLRs

The last strap on our list of the best straps for DSLR cameras is the Konsait Camera Shoulder Neck Strap. Known for their affordable and durable camera accessories, the company is one of the most popular for those who want high quality straps that mimic top rated brands minus the steep price tag. For our list, we’ve chosen the Konsait Camera Shoulder Neck Strap as one of their premium DSLR camera straps for those who want a reliable pick.

The simple design maximizes security and comfort by adding in a secondary strap that secures around the side of the user. This keeps the camera from swinging around as you move so you can experience greater confidence in a variety of shooting settings and conditions. The strap also boasts superb material and construction, keeping your camera close to your body and free from the dangers that flimsy camera straps might risk.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to the strap. That is, certain parts of its design especially the hardware can dig into the skin at some points. This can make it mildly uncomfortable for some users, especially those who intend to use the accessory for extended periods of time.

Pros of the Konsait Camera Shoulder Neck Strap

  • Able to support the weight of heavy camera designs without risking falling and excessive swining.
  • Keeps your camera stable and steady by your side so you can reach for it with confidence even in the most challenging of shooting conditions.
  • Adjustable strap supports a variety of lengths to meet your specific standards and preferences.
  • Made from high quality materials that promise to keep your camera safe for many years to come.

Cons of the Konsait Camera Shoulder Neck Strap

  • Can cause some discomfort, especially as the hardware can dig into your skin.


While you might think all camera straps are the same, that’s not actually the case. There are lots of different features that set these accessories apart. So be sure to consider your own needs and preferences before you dive into a purchase, and check out these top 5 picks to help you in your search for the very best strap for your DSLR.