The Five Best 35mm Lens For Nikon Cameras!

Nikon Corporation, or simply called Nikon, is a Japanese corporation that specializes in optics and imaging products. They manufacture cameras, camera lenses, binoculars, microscopes, rifle scopes, spotting scopes and the like. Nikon created some of their first digital SLRs (or DSLRs) for NASA, which were used in space back in 1991. It then had a partnership with Kodak but not very soon after which, Nikon released its Nikon D1 SLR under its own name. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon cameras.

From then on up to now, Nikon has been very popular with professionals, such as photographers and photojournalists, and even to non-photographers. Their company is very well known globally. They provide sufficient image quality and a low enough price for a number of professionals. The company has been very innovative in producing and manufacturing cameras of different ranges when it comes to their specs and features. With the quality cameras that they have, lenses are needed to elevate the excellent performance of these DSLRs. There are many best 35mm Lens for Nikon and all are doing a pretty amazing job.

Buying Tips for the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon

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When you are going to buy a 35mm Len for Nikon there are many options you can choose from. This is why you need a guide to understand that how you can buy a perfect lens for your photography. Here are some useful tips which can help you to buy 35mm Lens for Nikon without any future issues at all.

Bullet Points

  • If you are purchasing a lens for the first time then take help from your friends or family who already have purchased a lens. You can borrow these lenses for a couple of days and try them. If you think the lens is comfortable and this is something you are looking for go ahead and buy it.
  • If you can’t afford both full frame and half frame lenses then you should buy full frame. Because, if you are doing photography for the long term someday you are going to end up with the full frame lens. If you can afford then you should buy both because for some angel one frame is best and for other you simply need something else.
  • There is a lot of information and details online about the best 35mm Lens for Nikon before buying make sure that you have done enough homework and you are not just spending money without any reach.
  • Check the compatibility of the lens with your camera. If you are new to this game then you need to check the compatibility of the lens for your camera as well. Otherwise, you can end up buying something which doesn’t support your particular camera.
  • Go with a lens which is water and dust resistance. Most of the lenses are water and dust protected but there are some who are not. While buying make sure you choose the right one.

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G ED Lens

First up in our search for the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon is the . It is a versatile lens perfect for everyday photo-shooting and video-graphing. You can keep your background isolated or softly blur with this lens. It gives you complete control over the field and you can play with amazing features. This lens enables you to get more sharp and enhanced pictures for various different reasons.

It also has an excellent performance and image quality. This lens gives an angle that approximates the vision of people as they see with their naked eyes. It is ideal to use to achieve the perfect photos.

This compact and fast FX-format 35 mm prime lens is perfect for Nikon’s high-resolution SLRs. This type of lens would truly bring the user dazzling photos and high-quality videos. If one wants to capture vibrate beautiful and natural pictures, even in low light, then this lens is definitely for him.

Nikon AF NIKKOR 1923 35mm f/2D Lens

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Moving on to the second product in our search for the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon.This light weight lens can be used for many events and applications. It has very good autofocus and it comes with a cool design and very light weight size. The warm effect is the best feature of this lens in the 35mm series.

Its minimum aperture is f/22. This could be set by using the minimum aperture lock lever. This Nikkor lens has a 52.5mm focal length equivalent when used with DX Format SLRs. It provides an angle of view of 62 degrees. This lens is only 7.2oz which is very convenient to handle. It is great for travel and everyday use. Also, it has the Nikon Super Integrated Coating that minimizes flaring and ghosting, making photographs have a good color balance.

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Lens for Nikon

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Product Highlights:

  • Designed specifically for APS-C sized sensors
  • 18-35mm ideal for landscapes, portraits, casuals, close-ups
  • Angle of View: 76.5 degrees to 44.2 degrees
  • Has Internal Focusing and Zooming
  • Aperture Range: f/1.8-16
  • Hyper Sonic AF Motor
  • Four Aspherical and 5 SLD Glass Elements
  • Nikon F Lens Mount
  • Super Multi-Layer Coating
  • Fast Constant Maximum Aperture

This lens has four aspherical elements and five Special Low Dispersion or SLD glass elements that help minimize distortions with the zoom range and the over-all quality of the image. There is also a super multi-layer coating that prevents ghosting and flaring of the lens.

Digging Deeper

The barrel of this lens is constructed from a thermally stable composite material that is resistant to temperature and environmental changes. With this material, it still remains lightweight and compact, just like all of the other lenses on the list. This lens offers a Hyper Sonic Motor for focusing, which enables the user to have a precise and quiet focusing. This is well suited for continuous shooting and movie recording.

This lens is compatible with the Sigma USB Dock. The user could update the lens firmware and set specific parameters and other settings using the Sigma Optimization Pro software.

Samyang SYDS35M-N VDSLR II 35mm T1.5

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Moving onto our next product in our search for the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon. This lens that has the hybrid aspherical lens and a multi-layer coating produce sharp images with a reduced amount of flaring and ghosting. Focusing can be done to a minimum distance of 11.8 inches or 30 cm away from the subject.  It will cost 350$ and it is worth spending. There are total two versions of the lens which include a photo version and video version. The only difference is that two focusing one has teeth and another one just a rubber.

Due to the rubber T1.5 is a lot easier to focus. You can automatically adjust it and autofocus is amazing.  If you are looking for the best device to focus this one is definitely the one. The minimum focusing distance s about thirty centimeters and this is amazing. This distance enables you to get some pretty good shots with close-ups. It is obviously not macro but just kind of like getting close to the object. The camera is protected from the dust and water so you can shoot in the rain if you have to.  It is a full frame prime lens it works both with the prime series as well as with the with the crop A6000 series as well.

YONGNUO YN35mm F2 Lens 1:2 AF

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Moving on to our next product for the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon. This lens could focus up to a 9.8 inches distance towards the subject. This lens is also compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to bring in all locations.

The prime wide-angle lens that perfectly fits FX-format Nikon DSLRs can also be used with DX-format ones where it will provide a 52.5mm focal length. The maximum aperture of this lens, which is f/2 benefits working in a variety of light conditions. It could be used even in low light.

Frequently asked questions about Best 35mm Lens for Nikon Cameras

Moving on to FAQ about the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon cameras. The list goes on. There are a lot of lenses for a Nikon camera and those are just some of them. To help a user choose what’s best for his or her lenses, here are several frequently asked questions about them.

Is there any difference between an FX and a DX lens? Could the lenses designed for FX formats work with DX formats?

FX is also known as full-frame while DX is called APS-C cameras. If you are working professionally you need to have both of these cameras. Because, for some shoot, you need full frame and on the other hand for other shoots, you might need an APS-C camera. But if you are going with one of these then you should probably go with full frame which is FX option. People in photography know the difference between these two. If you are only using the personal use then it will not make any difference you can go with any of these. Usually, people buy DX for the personal use because it is cheaper as compared to the full frame version.

The Five Best 35mm Lenses For Nikon Cameras!

What is the difference between 50mm and 35mm lenses?

Both lenses are quite similar in many respects. There’s obviously a difference in their fields of view, but they’re both very practical lenses. The 35mm lens has a horizontal field of view equal to about 54 degrees on a 35mm (full-frame) camera while the 50mm lens is about 40 degrees. Using either a 35mm or 50mm fixed focal length makes you get a little more creative when making images. You can’t just zoom in or out, you’re forced to move around and look for more pleasing angles.

What type of photography is 35mm suitable for? If I will be using this for street photography, would it be suitable?

The use of 35mm lenses for wedding photography is very common. It is also used for documentary and another shot filming as well. If someone is responsible to tell a story by suing imagines like on a wedding or in a documentary then 35mm lenses are the perfect choice for them to go with.  You can easily focus on the subjects and with the amazing zoom options, you can get wonderful images for the video making or otherwise. It is also used for the beach photography as well with the wide frame. The 35mm lenses are able to turn a beach into heaven due to the col locus and effects.

The 35mm lenses are good for travel, portraits and close-ups. It is also perfect for wide-angle shots. If one wants to do street photography, he needs a 35mm lens with autofocus. There are a lot of those lenses such as the f1.8 35mm AF-s.

Are all the lenses compatible with any Nikon DSLR models, even the old ones?

The lenses may come in different sizes and lengths, especially with the old models. It is better to send the model of the Nikon DLSR camera before buying online to ensure that the lens is compatible.

35mm lenses have various pros in photography. With the said specs, they contribute to elevating the excellent specs of the Nikon DLSR cameras.

All of the lenses that are listed above have similar features. The top five 35mm lenses produce a good image quality, excellent performance and a colour accuracy and balance. They all suit the Nikon DSLRs perfectly. They have wide apertures, multi-coated glass elements, and a reasonable focusing distance for all focusing needs. The angle is not too wide or too narrow. They are also compact and lightweight, making them perfect for travelling, and bringing them anywhere and everywhere. They all have specs that are alike to each other but some have stood out.

Digging Deeper

If one would sum it up and conclude, the main difference between these lenses is their price. Some may be too expensive, and some may be relatively cheap. Although there is quite a small difference among these Nikon lenses, thorough research is needed to be considered when choosing, especially when one has to achieve a certain signature look or vibe with his photographs. Some are good for certain types of photography, while some may not be appropriate for the desired field. If you want to get best 35mm Lens for Nikon make sure you follow all guidelines.

We hope that this post has helped you narrow down possible products for the Best 35mm Lens For Nikon.

Best 35mm Lens For Nikon