The Five Best Camera Backpacks for Hiking!

When we think of hiking, we often consider the ascent to be the most challenging part of the process. What many don’t realize is that packing lightly without sacrificing your essentials is actually a close contender that proves to be one of the biggest challenges you might have to face throughout your hike.

If you’re taking camera equipment with you on your trip, investing in one of the best camera backpacks for hiking should make it easier for you all together. These bags were designed to give you more space, provide better protection for your gear, and reduce the load on your back all together.

Are you in the market for the ultimate camera backpack for hikers? Find out which ones our experts suggest.

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The Very Best Backpack for Hiking with a Camera

Based on thousands of reviews and experts’ opinions, the Altura Photo DSLR Camera and Mirrorless Camera Backpack Bag is the very best camera pack for hiking. The bag features an intuitive design and lots of different compartments that makes it a smart investment if you want to reduce the hassle of going through disorganized camera accessories in an ill-designed bag.

The Altura Photo Backpack for Cameras features an ultra-organized interior with different compartments guaranteed to keep all your camera devices and accessories safe and damage free throughout your hike. Plush padding separates each compartment, providing a soft cushion for your equipment.

It’s slim and lightweight construction makes it very easy to carry around on a hike, reducing the load on your back to prevent fatigue. Along the side of the bag is a dedicated strap and hook that can easily and safely accommodate your tripod for hands-free carrying.

Finally, what makes the Altura Photo a sure winner is the fact that it uses a well-padded material for its straps. Giving you just the right comfort to carry a heavy camera load, the straps make the bag ideal for use over extended periods of time without wearing out your shoulders.

Pros of the Altura Photo Backpack for Cameras

  • Shoulder straps are amply padded for a comfortable fit.
  • Lots of cushioned compartments inside the bag to keep your equipment from hitting against each other as you hike.
  • Laptop sleeve keeps your laptop securely in place and away from your camera gear.
  • Dedicated tripod straps on the outside make it easy to carry one around without the need for an oversized bag.
  • Lightweight construction means you can carry the load for extended hours minus the fatigue.

Cons of the Altura Photo DSLR Camera and Mirrorless Backpack Bag

  • Zippers might be a little too stubborn, requiring extra effort to manipulate.

The Five Best Camera Backpacks for Hiking!

The Second Best DSLR Camera Backpack for Hiking

The GOgroove Full-Size DSLR Camera Backpack comes in at a close second on our list of the best camera backpacks for hiking. This robust and rather hefty bag fits a whole lot more than the previous option, which means you can put more in the pack than just your camera essentials.

The front zipper opens up to reveal a spacious compartment with lots of plush padding, ideal for keeping your lenses and camera equipment. Along the side of the compartment is a dedicated zipper that opens up the storage so you can get easy access to the items inside. This is particularly ideal when hiking as it eliminates the need to keep removing your pack just to get a replacement lens.

The top half of the bag features another dedicated compartment that opens from the top of the pack. This spacious area is great for other accessories like your mobile phone, travel essentials, and other smaller items that you might want to take with you on your hike.

Finally, one long zipper can be found running down the entire side length of the bag. This opens up to a laptop compartment that has cushions and padding perfect for keeping your delicate device properly in place.

All of these features come together in one ultra stylish and durable design, which makes it easy to see why this option from GOgroove has become so popular for most buyers.

Pros of the GOgroove Full-Size DSLR Camera Backpack

  • Great aesthetics, definitely making it look so much better than any other camera bag on our list.
  • Spacious compartments make it possible to pack more than just your camera essentials for an all-in-one hiking bag.
  • Side zippers allow easy access to compartments so you don’t have to keep taking your pack off to get items from the main openings.
  • Separated areas make it possible to organize your items more intuitively to separate non-camera gear from other travel essentials.

Cons of the GOgroove Full-Size DSLR Camera Backpack

  • Not enough padding on the inside may have your items bumping against each other while you hike.
  • Straps are not as well-cushioned as many would have preferred.

Our Pick for the Best Camera Backpack for Day Hiking

Day hiking entails getting up on a short trail and making your way back to the start before the day ends. This type of hike is commonly a lot shorter, allowing you to make your way home without having to spend the night camping. For a day hike, it’s ideal to use a smaller, more compact camera bag that just allows you to carry around the essentials.

That’s why we chose the Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories as our pick for the best camera backpack for hiking if you don’t plan to spend too long on your trip. Small, lightweight, and with just the right space for the essentials you need, this basic bag gives you an easy option that won’t overburden your back ideal for short hiking trips.

Aside from having organized compartments and a small enough size for day hikes, the Amazon Basics Backpack for Cameras also features a structured design. The rigid sides and bottom give extra support to items inside, preventing any damage that could happen as a result of your movement during your hike.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that this option has one of the lightest price tags you’ll find. Costing as little as 10% the price of high-end camera backpacks, the Amazon Basics Backpack is definitely a steal that you wouldn’t want to miss out on especially if you’re trying to work within a set budget.

Pros of the Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras

  • Structured build gives extra protection and safety to the contents of the bag.
  • Small silhouette makes it perfect for day hiking, giving you just enough room for your essentials minus the bulky and heavy construction.
  • Straps feature plush padding that gives you day long comfort that won’t wear you down.
  • Reinforced front garter straps allow you to compress the bag to adjust the compartment to accommodate fewer items.
  • Lots of straps and buckles help keep the bag in place while you hike your way through some of the most challenging trails.
  • Super affordable at just the fraction of the cost of many other backpacks on the market.

Cons of the Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras

  • Stitching on the handles and straps may need some reinforcement after some time.

The Fourth Best Camera Gear Backpack for Hiking

Our fourth entry on our list of the best camera backpacks for hiking is the G-raphy Camera Backpack Camera Bag with Waterproof Cover. This ultra stylish bag features a rugged aesthetic that makes it more than just a camera bag but a worthy accessory if you want to show off your hiking look on social media.

This large capacity camera gear bag features lots of pockets and smaller compartments around the exterior, giving you more space to keep your other hiking essentials so you don’t need to carry any other extra pouches or bags. The beige design features brown leather straps that hold lots of the pocket flaps in place, giving the bag a very pleasing appearance that makes it work as a fashion accessory on top of being a camera bag.

Inside the bag, you’ll find a large main compartment with plush padding to keep all your electronics and camera essentials safe from damage. The main compartment is separated into three, giving you an organized space where you can segregate lenses, cameras, and other accessories for easier use and storage.

The bag also comes with a waterproof cover that you can simply throw over to keep all the contents of your pack safe from moisture and rain. Finally, a set of well-padded straps keeps the bag comfortably on your shoulders, so you can enjoy a hassle-free hike minus the pain of a heavy pack weighing you down.

Pros of the G-raphy Camera Backpack Camera Bag with Waterproof Cover

  • Very stylish and aesthetically appealing, allowing you to show off your hiking look with confidence.
  • Large and spacious, perfect for hikers who want to be able to take lots of camera gear on a trip.
  • Numerous pockets around the exterior give you more space to keep other essentials like cables and smaller items.
  • Padded interior keeps all of your camera gear safe and properly protected.
  • Waterproof cover works great to give you protection against rain and moisture.

Cons of the G-raphy Camera Backpack Camera Bag with Waterproof Cover

  • Top closure makes it hard to access items towards the bottom of the bag, especially if you’ve got them stacked inside.

The Best Camera Backpacks for Hiking We Could Find On The Market!

The Best Camera Waist Pack for Hiking

Backpacks aren’t the only viable option for hikers. There are lots of waist bags out there that give you just enough room to carry all your camera essentials with you on your way up the trail. These are particularly helpful if you already have a pack on your back and don’t have much room to store your camera gear.

Based on our research and our experts’ opinions, the best camera waist pack on the market is the CamKix Roll-Out Bag with Waist and Shoulder Strap. This compact bag can hold a number of different devices and camera accessories with ease, and rolls up seamlessly to give you a small bag that you can easily sling around your shoulder or your waist for hands-free carry.

The roll out bag has tons of compartments and pockets, allowing you to organize your essentials with ease. The padded material works great to protect your items so you can avoid damage to your delicate gear while you work your way through a challenging trail.

The design uses a lot of reinforced material like durable nylon borders, resilient mesh linings and pockets, heavy-duty Velcro, and long lasting elastics that hold different pieces of camera equipment safely in place. All in all, this tiny waist bag can carry a whole lot more than it looks on the outside, and can even easily accommodate an expanding selfie stick with utmost ease and security.

Pros of the CamKix Roll-Out Bag with Waist and Shoulder Strap

  • Simple design with lots of compartments makes the bag accommodate lots of items despite its small size.
  • Compact, allowing you to sling the bag around your waist or shoulder without adding too much bulk to your get-up.
  • Heavy-duty construction makes sure the waist bag won’t fall apart on you even after months of rigorous use.
  • Padded compartments for cameras give you extra security and protection for the devices that matter the most.
  • Versatile design lets you use the bag either as a waist bag or a shoulder sling.

Cons of the CamKix Roll-Out Bag with Waist and Shoulder Strap

  • Maybe tedious to get things out, requiring that you remove the bag every time you need to take out an item.


Make sure you’ve got one of the best camera backpacks for hiking with you when you make your way to the next trail destination. These top 5 picks from our experts are some of the most reliable in the market, so make sure to check them out to help you find your next hiking companion for an easy, hassle-free, and well-equipped climb.