The Five Best Point And Shoot Film Cameras On The Market Today!

For people who are long time enthusiasts or are new timer hobbyists, filming is a big part of their life and the whole experience is in general really gratifying. But for an experience to be gratifying, it needs to take into accord the commodity factor heavily right?

For people who want to film on the spot, regardless of if its natural landscape by themselves or film an adventure with their friends and don’t want to dabble with technicalities such as manual focusing, exposure models, IOS and aperture of all sorts, point and shoot film cameras are your product! Heavy SLRs and humongous controls are a thing of the past, as with point and shoot cameras, which emerged early in the 1990ties and continued to develop technologically since then, now you can just put a camera in your backpack and head on into your adventure.

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The Nikon L35AF

Being one of the best point and shoot film cameras of its time, this Nikon product still holds strong to their legacy. Even past its era of peak, this point and shoot film camera is still of the best point and shoot film cameras available on the market, with the humongous upside that in today’s standard and technological availability, is really (and I do mean REALLY) affordable! With a price just under 50$, the Nikon L35AF is your go to best point and shoot camera regardless of which category you fit in as a film shooter as 50$ is a budget low enough on the spectrum that anyone should be able to afford really.

It’s equipped with all the required extended features a point and shoot camera should have, making it perfect for people who want to travel and shoot, street photographers and just people who like a camera that’s composed compactly and just won’t get in the way. With all its features being automated, just pull it out of your backpack and start filming!

The focal point of this camera are its 35mm lenses, often called “the golden egg” of optical world. The lenses of the Nikon L35AF are so high quality, all photography and filming should result into a product that will provide image sharpness, depth and rendering quality unmatched by any other product! Not to even mention that the image dilution with these lenses should be fairly minimal which is an astonishing achievement for such as small and compact camera. All these things, without a doubt, make the Nikon L35AF one of the  best point and shoo film cameras of all time, even though the product falls into the vintage photography category.

The Best Point And Shoot Film Cameras On The Market

The Canon AF35M

If you like everything you just heard and the qualities mentioned that the Nikon L35AF has bring a joyful ring to your ears just as a lullaby does to an infant but yet are skeptical of the product simply because you’re not a Nikon fan for various personal reasons, from the other Japanese camera giant comes the Canon AF35M which is there to suffice the needs and desires of all Canon product fans! With minor technical differences, having the Canon AF35M be more chunky and a bit older and less sophisticated but still maintaining that vintage quality for Canon photography hobbyists, the Canon AF35M should do the trick!

It also does notably outperform the Nikon L35AF with a better autofocus and the innate ability to select the use of flash on desire. That being said, all of the  other extended features are still fully automated just like in the Nikon L35AF (I do believe that the non automated selective flash is not a quirk but a feature to help you better visualize the images and film you’re going to be shooting in contrast to how dark it actually is outside).

Both the Nikon L35AF and the Canon AF35M are an astonishing pieces of point and shoot cameras and without one of the best point and shoot film cameras on the market, offering excellent image and filming quality, full extended feature automation, great compactness and portability, low budget friendly and last but not least, giving you that vintage camera feeling when shooting, you really can’t go wrong with either one. It ultimately boils down to preference of manufacturer as the technological differences are almost inconsequential, you should really just pick which product line you like more. So as a substitute to the Nikon L35AF comes the Canon AF35M with the same level of excellence for people who are just a Canon product fans.

The Best Cheap Point And Shoot Film Cameras

The Yashica T3 / T4 / T5

Even though providing an admirable quality product while photographing or filming, if budget friendly and tad outdated vintage point and shoot cameras like the Nikon L35AF and the Canon AF35M are not what you’re looking for, instead you’re looking for an even higher excellence in image and photography production due to technicality modernization while willing to play for it, the Yashica T series has got you covered! Some people are more alike professional photographers than relatively new hobbyists and even some photography enthusiasts want to get something “that packs a little bit more punch”, so with a reasonable price increase comes the Yashica T series.

The cameras in the series are used mostly by high end photographers and professionals who if not need, but absolutely desire the absolutely best image and video fidelity, sharpness, depth, compactness and on the go easy to use product.

All of the Yachica T series cameras are great cameras with the T3 being a bit older with faster lens (35mm f/2.8) compared to the T4 and T5 while these two are more in favor of a higher f/3.5 aperture. The lenses of all the Yashica T camera products include a Zeiss’ T coating which leads to greater sharpness, astonishing contrast and a complete mitigation of all optical aperture (chromatic aberration, flaring, ghosting and such).

That being the focal point of the quality of the Yashica T camera series, it’s worth mentioning that they’re also equipped with a waist level viewfinder in addition to the standard one just so you can film that “one specific location” with better quality and greater ease. All in all, the Yashica T series of point and shoot cameras are one of the best point and shoot film cameras, providing unmatched photography and video producing quality characteristics with a little bit of a bump in the price.

The Nikon 35Ti & 28Ti

Even though the 35Ti and 28Ti are two different Nikon products, in this review I’m going to bunch them up one Nikon Ti category as their technical differences are minimal.

Both the Nikon 35Ti and the Nikon 28Ti are best point and shoot film cameras for people who want a little bit more of a creative control. While still having the infrared autofocus, both of these point and shoot cameras have the extended feature to switching to manual autofocus which is a rare find in the trend of quality point an shoot cameras who tend to automate all extended features. It’s a nice touch for people who want to dabble with deeper forms of creativity.

Made from sturdy titanium, both the Nikon 35Ti and the Nikon 28Ti are equipped with the highest quality physical builds in terms of sturdiness as well as having one of the best optics out there. According to the name, the cameras come with a 28mm / 35mm and f/2.8 Nikkon lens respectfully with Nikon’s staple integrated coating and a ED (extra low dispersion) glass for minimal photography and video dilution. This ultimately leads to unmatched quality and two versatile and interesting focal lengths.

On top of everything, both of the Nikon 35Ti and the Nikon 28Ti use an unique, previously unseen display positioned on the top plate which uses needles and gauges to show the frame counter, focusing distance, and exposure compensation aperture in a truly unique way. These visually striking elements will be the thing design lovers will fall in love with, having a camera that branches out of the standard design and takes on a new outlook on how to manage aesthetic overview and automation versus flexible creativity.

A roll of film to use in standard Point And Shoot Film Cameras

The Minolta TC-1

Last but not least we have the Minolta TC-1 which is generally considered the most wholesome point and shoot camera and possibly even the best of the best of what point and shoot film cameras have to offer. Aesthetically stunning, it’s made out titanium giving it unparalleled sturdiness and comes with an astonishing amount of extended features such as a manually controlled aperture, manual focusing models (a.k.a zone focus), is equipped with exposure compensation and metering options and to top it all, it displays everything you’ll need in the viewfinder as well as on the top plate positioned LCD screen. Wow!

Being a product from a time when Minolta was the manufacturing bastion of the best point and shoot film cameras of the world, the Minolta TC-1 still stays strong in today’s world regardless of all the technological advancements that have came through at it was such a breakthrough in its own time.

Due to the way on how the extended features of this camera work, the Minolta TC-1 requires a tad more input from the photographer for quality end result and as such is generally used by either professionals or high end hobbyists but it without a doubt does manage to find the perfect balance between manual settings and automation.

From an optical perspective, the camera is astonishing, equipped with an all glass, multi coated Rokkor lens who produce unmatched contrast, sharpness and color image depth.

It also uses perfectly rounded aperture discs (compared to blades) and has a wider focal length for landscape, street or portrait photography, producing images with unmatched depth. If the best of the best is what you seek and desire, the Minolta TC-1 is there to fulfill all your high end photography and filming needs (at a tad high price), but as they say, what you pay for is what you get and with this point and shoot camera you truly do get the best the whole market of point and shoot cameras has to offer. It’s unmatched in all parameters and categories, making it the ultimate tool for the best possible filming experience ever.

And with that, I conclude my list of top 5 best point and shoot film cameras of all time.

We’ve covered all sides of the story – regardless if you want a budget friendly or a pricey  camera, a vintage or an up to date one, an old school or one equipped with all the new fancy technological perks, a fully automated one or a one that strikes a balance, leaning one way or the other, a professional or a hobbyist one and even if you want to stick to a brand, you should be covered!

Filming is a passion for many people, but their exact needs vary from one to another. That’s why I’ve presented you with an assortment of cameras for people of any part of the spectrum of needs and desires so if you’ve decided that a point and shoot filming adventure is what you need in your life, the choice making part should be easy. Just pick up the camera that suits you best from your favorite manufacturer, pack it up in a bag and go about your day, living it from the moment you picked up the camera and onward as every day was your last! The adventure awaits, but if there’s no one to share it with nor is it filmed, I would argue that it’s as fleeing and passing as the time you’re going to spend thinking about all the fun you had. With a purchase of an appropriate point and shoot camera, instead of fantasizing about the experience you had, you can now reconcile on it with the pictures and the video’s you’ve taken, making the experience immortal.

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