The Four Best Yongnuo Flash For Nikon Cameras!

With Yongnuo digital camera flashes gaining in popularity due to offering excellent quality camera flashes and relatively low costs we have noticed a number of people asking what the best Yongnuo flash for Nikon cameras is. We have decided to publish this article in an attempt to answer this question for our readers and help them narrow their camera flash choices down with our five Yongnuo flash recommendations for Nikon cameras.

As usual, we have tried to spread the price points for each of the recommended camera flashes as best as possible to make sure there is something for every budget but the majority of the Yongnuo range is actually quite cheap meaning users will be getting maximum bang for their buck while knowing that all of these products have an excellent working history with various Nikon digital cameras!

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The Yongnuo YN560-III-USA Speedlite Flash – The Best Yongnuo Flash For Nikon Cameras!

First up in our search for the best yongnuo flash for nikon cameras. Offering of Yongnuo flashes, we have the YN560 III, an extremely popular product that has proved to be well worth the money managing to earn over 1450 reviews on with an average rating of four stars! Although it currently retails at around the $65 point, it can sometimes be found a little cheaper during the holiday sales season.

The YN560 III has a built in radio frequency receiver making it fully compatible with other radio frequency triggers from the Yongnuo RF-603 and the Yongnuo RF-602. This means you can setup your perfect shot and then activate the camera flash via remote control while standing away from your flash rig if required.

The rear facing LCD panel is easy to read in all lighting conditions displaying various data points such as your current flash and exposure settings. If required you can quickly and easily tweak your flash settings via the easy to use settings menu on the LCD panel if required during your photography shoot.

Cheap Yongnuo Flash For Nikon

Although it has a relatively low price point, the YN560 III is excellent for both noobies to photography as well as experiences professionals. If you are new then you are getting an excellent quality, cheap digital camera flash for your Nikon camera that will serve you well. If you are a professional photographer then the YN560 III can serve as a slave flash, a backup flash or even just something for you to experiment with during your test shoots.

It is highly recommended you use an external battery pack with the YN560 III as each flash activation will use a full power load no matter the settings of your flash with any unrequited power being dumped. If you are using AA batteries to power your flash, then this can result in your batteries running dry after around fifty flash activations where as with an external battery pack, you can get unto one hundred and fifty flash activations with a budget battery pack with more expensive products being able to extend this even further.

The Yongnuo YN560 IV Wireless Flash Speedlite Master

Next up in our search for the best yongnuo flash for nikon cameras. We have the fourth generation of the YN560 IV. Although there are a few subtle differences between the YN560 IV and the YN560 III above, the main one that we feel is most beneficial is that Yongnuo have managed to develop the power technology of the YN560 IV meaning it performs better on standard AA batteries with users being able to get around the seventy five flash activation mark before their batteries give out. Depending on your requirements, this maybe fine but we would still recommend the use of an external battery pack to provide you with the extra juice to increase your flash activation count.

Although another strong contender for the title of the best Yongnuo flash for Nikon cameras, we had to place the YN560 III above it due to it having been on the market much longer and having built an excellent reputation for itself as well as a dedicated user base.

Yongnuo Flash For Nikon Cameras

Similar to the YN560 III, the YN560 IV has the ability to use radio frequency activation via the range of Yongnuo flash triggers that are unfortunately not included in this model. It also has full wireless slave functionality if you are wanting to use the YN560 IV as a slave flash during your photoshoot. We are happy to report the radio frequency receiving unit has also been upgraded in the YN560 IV providing a much better response rate when using a remote trigger, especially when outside where the YN560 III had previously struggled at times.

Again, the rear facing LCD screen is clear and usable in all lighting conditions offering you the ability to quickly and easily change your exposure and flash settings to adjust to any changing needs during the photo shoot as required.

The Yongnuo YN685

Next up in our search for the best yongnuo flash for nikon cameras. We have the Yongnuo YN685 digital camera flash. Although it comes at a higher price point than the YN560 IV and the YN560 III, the YN685 doesn’t offer much more than our initial two recommendations for entry level and amateur photographers.

Similar to the YN560 III and the YN560 IV, the YN685 is wireless compatible meaning this flash unit can be controlled via a remote trigger to activate the flash. It can also be used as a slave unit un its own flash tripod set away from your camera with flash activation set via your remote trigger.

One upgrade offered by the YN685 is the ability to setup flash groups with their own unique flash settings that are able to uniquely programmed to meet the specific requirements of your photoshoot. You can then map each of your flash groups to their own individual buttons on a wireless trigger so that you are able to activate different flash groups as required without the need to manually change settings on your flash rigs.

Again, the rear facing LCD display for the YN685 is easy to use for the manual adjustment of your flash unit settings and clear in all light conditions. The control buttons on the back of the flash below the LCD unit have also been revamped making them easier to use to quickly adjust your settings.

The head of the flash uses a new ball and socket system to enable you to rotate the flash through 360 degrees if required without the need to rebalance your tripods or flash rigs. Another advantage is the power system has been over hauled in an attempt to extend the battery life for regular use. Four top brand AA batteries are able to power around one hundred flash activations before they will need to be replaced. Rechargeable AA batteries could be a better option than an external power supply for the YN685 as the number of flash activations between the two power methods are very similar and rechargeable AA batteries can be used for a number of other appliances too.

The Yongnuo YN-568EX

Next up in our search for the best yongnuo flash for nikon cameras. Is the Yongnuo YN-568EX. Again, it is another higher end price point entry but has an excellent history of working well with various Nikon DSLR cameras. Similar to the YN685 the YN-568EX has the ability for advanced flash settings allowing you to pre-program a bunch of different exposure options and then trigger them as required without the need to manually adjust your current flash setting.

Unlike the other Yongnuo flashes on this list, the YN-568EX has the ability to readjust its flash focal length via the builtin motor zooming functionality meaning you are able to adjust the optimum distance for the flash via its zooming controls on the rear of the unit between the ranges of 24mm and 105mm.

The Best Yongnuo Flash For Nikon

The YN-568EX also has a wide range of shutter speed synchronisation modes up to a maximum of 1/8000 shutter sync speed. This is easy to adjust via the easy to use settings options accessed and operated via the LCD display on the rear of the unit.

Although amateur and entry level photographers may consider the YN-568EX on the expensive side, it is actually cheap when compared to other flashes from large brands with similar features. There have been multiple reports of people switching over to the YN-568EX from their previous flashes from brands such as Nikon due to the YN-568EX out performing the Nikon flashes.

The YN-568EX is also rugged and durable due to its high build quality, if you are doing any sort of ourdoor photography where wind may blow your tripod over during your photograph shoot then there is a good chance the YN-568EX will remain undamaged without the need to purchase an outdoor flash case for the unit.


We hope this article has helped answer the question of what is the best Yongnuo flash for Nikon cameras as well as save you time and effort by shortlisting some of the Yongnuo flash range for you to research.

We hope this article has helped you find the best yongnuo flash for nikon cameras.