Developments In Modern Camera Batteries!

Back in the day, it was common for both photographers and videographers to have to shell out a small fortune for spare batteries to their cameras that could easily cost twenty percent or more of what they actually paid for their cameras. Thankfully, due to a bunch of third-party brands making a large number of developments over the last ten years, you are not able to purchase spare batteries at a fraction of the price without issue.

The main brands have even incorporated the technology of the official camera into their batteries to prevent issues with warning messages on the cameras. For example, the third-party batteries for both Canon and Nikon cameras now have the chip to prevent the camera from flashing the third-party battery warning. Additionally, the codex on these third party batteries are even able to communicate with your battery and accurately inform it what percentage of battery life is remaining in it. Even if you go back just three to five years this was a rare thing to have in the third-party battery market.

This has enabled photographers and videographers to pick up a number of spare batteries for their cameras where previously the same price would only get them one battery. For example, if you go with a RAVPower battery for a Canon camera, you can probably get three or four RAVPower batteries for the price of one single Canon battery.

Now, the battery brand Wasabi was the one to initially climb to popularity within the community a few years back and was considered the go-to third-party camera battery brand. Their climb to popularity was largley due to them being the first brand to successfully produce a working third-party variant of the Canon G7X battery.

As the Canon G7X was the go-to camera of choice for the vlogging community at the time, the various vloggers who used the battery shared it with their subscribers helping to jump-start their initial customer base. Over the years though, brands like RAVPower have caught up and income niches overtook brands like Wasabi and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

That said though, if you are looking to pick up a decent third-party camera battery then we feel that getting it from either Wasabi or RAVPower will be fine. Both brands offer excellent third-party camera batteries at almost the exact same price tag. I would guess that RAVPowers reputation has overtaken the Wasabi reputation now by the actual quality and performance of the batteries remains very similar.

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