The Ultimate List Of Essential Accessories For Your Digital Camera!

Use of various digital cameras is very common these days. Young and old use this brilliant technology equally. Having a digital camera is good enough for newbies but if you have a thing for photography then only a camera is not enough for you. You need some useful accessories to enjoy your passion for photography. Also these accessories make photography more easier and improves the quality of photos. Here are 7 essential accessories for a digital camera.

Our Essential List Of Accessories

  1. Extra Battery:

It may happen that you are so involved in photography that you forget to charge the battery. Battery running out in the middle of shoot may ruin your day. To avoid that frustration, you must keep atleast one or two fully charged extra batteries, compatible with your camera, with you. Having back-up gives you a sense of relief and you can enjoy your passion all day long without any set-backs.

  1. Extra Memory Cards:

Wise men never put all their eggs in one basket. Same is the case here with memory cards. Either you will be left with no space or they will corrupt. Having extra memory cards with you is a good thing. They won’t even cost you a lot of money. Even the top manufacturers are providing them for cheap prices. Eye-Fi card is also a very useful new technology. This card will upload new photos automatically to your computer and lets you delete the old ones.

  1. Tripod and Shutter Release Remote:

A tripod comes in very handy specially for time delay video shoots. Also when there is low light and you need to keep the camera very still so that the photo is not blurry and grainy. You can fix your camera on tripod and snap the photos by using remote to keep the camera perfectly still for better quality low light photography.

  1. External Flash:

If you have a digital camera and you have been using it for night time photography then you must have known by now that camera’s pop-up flash is useless. It may fill in some light in dark photos but to get quality images you should have and external flash or flash gun. It can be mounted on camera’s hotshoe and can be operated remotely via cable for better results. Don’t forget to keep a lot of compatible batteries for this.

  1. Camera Lenses:

Most probably, your camera came with a standard lens which covers a medium level focal length. You may like it in the beginning but you will outgrow it in no time. You can buy a walk-around lens as a beginner. This is cheaper and versatile lens which covers a wide range of different genres of photography. After you get some experience, you will know what type of lens you want.

  1. Something to Keep Lens Clean:

Lens is the most vital part of your digital camera. Wherever you are there are thick chances that your lens will attract some dirt. You must have something like brush or wipes to keep your lens dirt-free. Just be careful and avoid over-cleaning.

  1. Camera Bag:

Buying a camera bag to protect your expensive camera from dirt and rain is a fair deal. For beginners I have an advice, always buy a bag with more capacity than you think you need. Because as you will buy new accessories, you may run out of space. Get a good bag and carry around your camera safely with style.

Smartphone App

A decent smartphone app for your mirrorless camera can also make your life much easier with a number of common tasks too.