The Five Best Camera Backpacks For Travel Available.

As we are living in the age of Instagram, more and more people are wanting to share their travels via social media while using an expensive digital camera to take the initial photograph before uploading it to their various social media profiles. We have noticed an increasing number of our readers are asking for our recommendations on the best camera backpacks for travel.

We have chosen five different options for this article that we feel should meet the needs for the majority of our readers travel needs. We have deliberately chosen products from a wide price range in an attempt to ensure we have something for everyone.

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The Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ – The Best Camera Backpacks For Travel

First up in our search for the best camera backpacks for travel. We have the Abonnyc DRLBP CZ, it is one of the best mid-range camera backpacks on the market with plenty of features to ensure your expensive equipment is safe and out of harms way while in transit. It is made from a waterproof material that ensures your equipment is kept dry in the harshest of conditions, the zipper has been specifically designed to wick water away from any potential entry points to add an extra layer of protection for peace of mind.

It has deluxe padding that is resilient enough to keep its cross sectional shape while in the hold of aircraft during travel yet soft enough to absorb and shock. The dividers that makeup the backpacks cross sectional shape are one hundred percent customisable so you are free to readjust it at your will to make sure all of your camera equipment has a snug and safe fit. Although the included tripod strap is fine for small to medium tripod storage, it maybe better to buy an additional strip for large tripod transportation.

The main digital camera compartment in the default configuration has been tested with various cameras from all of the major manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax and Olympus to ensure the backpack is able to be used by the majority of photographers. The default layout also offers a number of different compartments that allow you to store your additional equipment such as camera chargers, camera lenses, data cables and camera filters. This is why we feel this is one of the best camera backpacks for travel.

The DRLBP CZ comes with an anti-theft design as standard with a fake back zipper. If any potential thief attempts to open the backpack via this zipper, they will not be able to access any of your equipment. As you would expect from a backpack of this price point, the shoulder and waist straps are fully adjustable meaning you can customise it to fit your own unique body shape to make transporting your camera equipment as commutable as possible. The shoulder straps are double padded to ensure extra comfit for the wearer.

The Five Best Camera Backpacks For Travel Available.

The GOgroove Full-size DSLR Camera Backpack

Our second recommendation is from Gogroove, it has a unique traditional style that you either love or hate. Looks aside, this is an excellent backpack and it defiantly earns its spot on a list of the best camera backpacks for travel. It has an extremely high build standard and is made from excellent material.

Although not officially listed as being waterproof, the GOGroove is definitely water resistant, there are a few potential weak points, even when closed where water maybe able to enter the storage compartment but the chances are minimal.

The backpack has a two compartment design with the lower storage compartment intended for your camera and lens and the smaller compartment being designed for smaller essential items such as a camera flash or filters. The tripod storage strap on the right hand side is perfect for all sizes of tripod without the requirement to purchase any additional items. There is a third compartment at the back of the rucksack that is perfect for all laptops up to a 17 inch screen size.

As you would expect, the default compartmental layout of the bag interior has been tested with a range of products from the most common manufacturers. Again, the interior is fully customisable so you can adjust the layout to meet your needs and make sure your equipment is secure for transportation. As with all other GOGroove products, you get a three year manufacturers warranty rather than the industry standard one year.

Although the straps are fully customisable for you to adjust the fit of the backpack to your own unique shape, they are not as padded as the straps on the Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ. Although most people probably wouldn’t notice any difference in comfit during regular use, if you are using the GOGroove for a hiking holiday then it may begin to become uncomfortable. This is why we feel this is one of the best camera backpacks for travel.

The Best Cheap Camera Backpacks For Travel.

The USA Gear Digital SLR Camera Backpack

Next up in our search for the best camera backpacks for travel. We have an entry from USA Gear as our middle of the range price entry. Although currently retailing around the $50 mark, we have noticed that you can sometimes save unto $20 on this particular backpack during sales such as black friday offering the exact same product at bargain price.

This easy to carry digital camera backpack has been designed from the ground up to make traveling with your camera equipment as easy as possible in all travel situations be it via plaines, trains or automobiles.  Unlike the first two entries on this list, you are able to adjust the straps for this bag to alter how you carry it. You can use it as a standard backpack or change the straps into a sling and carry it on your side. The straps are fully adjustable in both configurations to make use as comfy as possible for you.

The bag has a total of Eight different accessory pockets that allow you to store a whole range of additional products that you may require while out on your travels. It has an external tripod holder that will fit most modern tripod sizes that are currently on the market and also has a small storable rain cover punch to add an extra layer of waterproofing protection.

The main storage compartment is able to store a range of different popular cameras perfectly with plenty of spare space for other essentials such as lenses, camera flashes, filters and digital storage for your photographs.

The backpack offers easy access to any item that is stored inside of it making it quick and easy to get to your equipment with minimal effort. That said, there is a risk that a thief would be able to access your items if you are traveling on a crowded train and not paying attention to your backpack.

The Best Camera Backpacks For Travel.

The Amazon Basics DSLR Backpack

Next up in our search for the best camera backpacks for travel. We have our first entry from the Amazon Basics line. Although the Amazon Basics DSLR backpack is the second cheapest suggestion on our list, it has the majority of the features offered by camera backpacks that retail at double the price.

The backpack is extremely spacious with the ability to safely store two DSLR camera bodies, a laptop with a screen size of unto 17 inches and either three or four camera lenses depending on the lenses type and size. There are also additional storage compartments for essential accessories such as camera charges, camera flashes, while balancing sheets and flash filters. The external tripod holder is large enough to hold any popular modern sized tripod.

The compartment dividers are completely customisable allowing you to change the internal layout to ensure your equipment is held securely and safely within the backpack for travel leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Although this product is cheap, its straps are fully customisable with excellent padding second only to the Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ. Although the waist support strap is fully padded, the chest strap is not and maybe a little awkward if worn for extended periods of time. Although the clips used to secure the backpack across your chest and waist are basic, they are robust enough to do the job as well as withstand a few knocks without breaking.

Cheap Camera Backpacks For Travel.

The Amazon Basics Entry Level Backpack

Finally, in our search for the best camera backpacks for travel. We have the amazon basics entry level backpack, the cheapest entry on our list but this camera backpack from amazon still offers everything you would expect.

Similar to its higher priced cousin above, it offers secure storage space for two DSLR cameras as well as three to four digital cameras depending on the lens size and type. Although there is less space available for additional accessories such as a camera flash.

The backpack itself is made from polyester and nylon giving it a tough and rugged outer layer that will help offer protection for your expensive camera equipment within. Due to it being an entry level camera backpack with a lower price tag, there are a a few features that have had to be cut in order to help keep the price low.

The additional padding on shoulder straps has been reduced, there is no hip strap at all and the chest strap has been lowered. As already touched upon, the storage space has been reduced when it comes to accessory transportation. The external tripod storage on the side of the backpack seem smaller than the more expensive model above and may struggle to fit a large tripod. Although you can still fit a laptop into this backpack, it will have to be one with a 13 inch screen or lower rather than 17 inches like its more expensive cousin.

One this we have to stress is that this backpack is not waterproof! We have seen a number of reports from people who have had some of their equipment slightly damages due to water getting into the backpack when traveling but additional rain covers are also available on amazon for around the $3-$5 mark depending on style and brand.

Best Camera Travel Backpacks.


We hope that our article on the best camera backpacks for travel has helped you with what things you should be looking for in your backpack. We have attempted to include products from all price points that should be enough to meet the needs for beginners and intermediates alike.

We hope this article has helped you find the best camera backpacks for travel.

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