The Best Gimbal For The Canon EOS 80D Cameras!

The gimbal market in the recent few years has exploded and the main reason is that more people prefer them. It has resulted in the production number of gimbals and its quality. Fortunately, this influx has helped in making the prices affordable.

It is observed that people using the Canon EOS 80D have been looking out for a suitable gimbal that also has an excellent reputation in the community of photography. It is expected to have a decent capacity of payload and should handle lens without hindrance. Luckily, DJI Ronin S proved the worth.

About DJI Ronin-S

DJI Ronin S is the most appropriate gimbal for Canon 80D. It is a top range gimbal featuring three- axis. The DJI Ronis S already has a strong reputation and now is gaining popularity with time in the photography community.

The update of new firmware for DJI Ronin S has made it extraordinary by increasing the ability to take best creative pictures with its enhanced settings. It also allows switching from 3D Roll 360 to normal, besides there is video recording, photo capturing, and autofocus available as addition such that it suits various cameras.

Qualities to love DJI Ronin-S

Professional Stability
Ronin S features a modular design that can be detached. It is all set to go anywhere as it fits your backpack. There is a design that offers quick-release that the camera can be mounted easily on a tripod for stills or on the gimbal for tracking shots.

The build quality offers a solid feel. It has a smooth finish though it is a little heavy even without a lens or camera attachment. The payload can be handled with ease that using Canon 80D is a breeze.

Stay Focused
Ronin S has better focus as it offers focus wheel that is easy to control. Having Ronin S attached to any compatible camera means, you may pull the focus through the cable. There is a possibility that you also add an external motor offering broader compatibility as it enhances precision control to lenses.

Power indicator
DJI Ronin-S has a battery to keep the gimbal going for 12 hours without any down show. There is a need to charge using a USB cable. It takes two hours fifteen minutes to get fully charged and can be charged with a portable power bank.

Ronin S facilitates easier transportation owing to its easier build that it can be comfortably used with Canon 80D. It indicates saving of time. The joystick controls are highly responsive that you can edit the gimbal settings or customize it based on your requirements. The handle offers a good grip and using it for extended periods with a heavier camera is no more discomfort.

The rear motor arm offering 45-degree angle is the best feature that you can record conveniently the best footage.

Wrapping Up
DJI Ronin S is compatible in providing speedy and easy tweak of settings. The functionality of the joystick remote control helps you to enjoy Canon 80D from anywhere. Besides, the DJI app is completely attuned.