How To Keep Your Camera Equipment Safe When Traveling!

Nowadays, people seem to put a lot of attention to aesthetics more than any other time in history. With various programs like Adobe Photoshop and , reaching the full potential of a picture is within the grasps of anybody these days. Mobile applications such as Instagram and VSCO are playing vital roles to this current trend of aesthetics. From simple apps where one can share photos, Instagram, VSCO, together with a lot more photo-sharing services, have all evolved with the times to promote the art of photography. People are learning and putting so much attention on aesthetics and photography nowadays which have led millions of people to push their limits and study the art more.

Know what to bring and invest on a simple-looking storage

People of all ages who just wanted to see breathtaking photos ended up learning them and producing these pictures themselves. This sparked a revolution and produced a new generation of versatile photographers armed with the love for aesthetics.

This new breed of photographers in armed with knowledge, passion and technology. The emergence of gadgets such as smartphones and modern instant cameras such as the instax is helping new enthusiasts create the images for them, by them. The comeback of lomography and analogue photography are results of this new generation’s striking interest for the art of photography.

Aside from this, a significant number from this new generation pushed themselves and have invested time as well as money to be part of an elite club of photographers. With the right allocation of investments and passion, some people have turned themselves from regular smartphone photographers into fully-pledged DSLR users.

Be vigilant and always have your camera within your sight or reach

The DSLR is perhaps the most versatile tool and well-known kind of camera around today. It made up of two major parts, both customizable to some extent. The usual DSLR consists of a lens and a body. Several powerhouse photography brands like Canon and Nikon are all contributors to the modern revolution of photography due to their vast range of DSLR cameras ranging fromcheap entry-level to high-end, and very expensive, ones.

More than anything else, a common dream for this new breed of photographers is to explore the world with their camera and having it when travelling can be very rewarding since the tool beside you can instantly capture precious and rare moments.

However, having a camera beside you can be hard due to a number of reasons involving your safety and the condition of your camera.

Fortunately, travel photography or photojournalism is not a new concept and have been practiced by numerous people, including professionals, all throughout the century. People have travelled with their cameras for the longest time and there is an abundance of tips out there concerning keeping your camera safe from damage and theft.

The following tips will ensure you of one thing, which is safety, but will heavily rely on your personal vigilance and equipment investments. The following tips are not arranged in any particular order since all of them are equally vital for camera safety.

Invest on a good storage for your camera

First in the list is to invest on a good, simple but anti-theft storage for your camera and its equipment. By now you should be learning about the fact that photography is an investment and, more than passion, it would take you a few paychecks to reach your full potential. Your expensive lenses, external flash, filters and more have cost you some money already and it would be a shame if they all get destroyed or stolen. Fortunately, numerous brands have created great camera bags, both simple and useful to keep that expensive baby safe and sound when you have it around.

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Of course, losing the bag will mean losing everything in it so…

Keep your camera (and storage) with you at all times

What good is a perfect compact storage if you lose it right?

Out of all the tips, this one must be the easiest to do but sometimes certain circumstances cause people to unwillingly disobey this tip. It is the easiest thing to do since your objective for bringing your camera is to take pictures, and to take pictures you must have it with you at all times. However, if you are bringing too much equipment and exceed some storage allocations like the ones provided by airlines, you would be forced to leave them to other hands. Rest assured, if circumstances like this fall to your hands you wouldn’t have to worry much because they are bounded by law to take care of your belongings.

Once you have your camera back without any damage, and you are in your destination, all safe, you can now proceed to the next tip which tells you to do your homework.

Research about the place you are headed to

Let’s admit it, some places are safer than others and some countries can care less about your camera. Well this won’t be a problem if you do your research and scout the places you are going to.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Open your browser and start looking up the places and spots you have on your itinerary. Look for ratings and reviews of the places if they are available and read them. Consult any of your friends about the place if they have been there and look for photography blogs about the place because more or less, the blogger would talk about any security issue if there were any. After you’ve done your research, decide whether you should still bring your camera to the spot.

And when you’re there…

Be vigilant at all times especially when you are going to questionable places and ask someone to accompany you if needed

This one has to be the most basic tip but really important if you want to keep your camera safe. To keep it safe, don’t just pull it out, start bursting shots and risk attracting any unwanted attention. It would be a good sign if you see any other photographers around you.

Most photographers have this very primal and daring attitude to head to questionable places like slums and sketchy alleys. If you do want to do this, make sure you have someone with you to add extra eyes and mind your blind spots.

All in all, yes travel photography can be very exciting but it also poses its own usual security issues. However, with experience, you’ll learn to develop a fifth sense when taking pictures in the streets or any other place. The time will come when you can fully walk around alone and even know who to trust with your camera. Trust the process and take it slow at first by having a friend beside you and your camera. You wouldn’t want to lose your equipment so be humble, discrete and vigilant when you have it with you.