Our Feiyutech A1000 Review!

Welcome to our short and sweet Feiyutech A1000 review that we thought we would publish to help any of our readers who are considering picking up this great little gimbal stabilizer. Considering its price point in the market, the Feiyutech A1000 is without a doubt on of the best gimbals leaving the rest of the entry-level gimbals for dust.

Its great build quality, solid features list, and excellent performance has made it the main choice for image stabilization for entry-level videographers and we feel that cover the coming months this is only going to end up increasing. There are a ton of other independent reviews of the Feiyutech A1000 that have been posted online due to so many people who purchase the gimbal falling in love with it and wanting to share their experiences with the rest of the videography community.

It supports an upper payload of around 5.5 pounds while also being able to have up to an eight-hour battery life too. For an entry-level, more budget-friendly gimbal system this really is excellent and any amateur or entry-level videographer should be able to get all the video footage then could ever need in an eight hour time period.

The gimbal motors and the internal gyroscope are also very high quality and they would not look out of place if used in a higher price point gimbal either. They are quiet when in use allowing you to use the Feiyutech A1000 for wildlife film making too as pretty much every other budget-friendly gimbal stabilizer on the market right now is a little loud and may scare the animal and cause it to run away.

The grip system on the A1000 is also very comfortable too allowing you to comfortably hold the gimbal in your hand for long periods of time with ease. If you are on a long shoot then this is perfect as you won’t be getting aches and pains during your session while still being able to get the best footage possible without you having to break the bank either.

All of this has resulted in Feiyutech being able to produce the best possible gimbal for the lowest possible price tag too. Its payload will support the vast majority of popular camera systems even with a heavy lens mounted on it making it the ideal option in our opinion.