Our Godox TT350S Review!

Flash ► ►

So we have decided to publish our short Godox TT350S review and although we are not professional photographers, our hobbyist experience with photography makes use feel like we can knock out a decent little review for the flash unit. As you would expect with a Godox flash, the build quality and design of the flash are excellent considering the price that you pay for it.

With it being the Sony variant of the flash unit, it has seen massive adoption within the Sony camera body owning community due to it being a total nightmare to source decent flash units for Sony cameras. The Godox TT350S allows you to quickly and easily pick up a solid little flash unit that won’t break the bank while also offering solid performance and functionality for you.

The user interface system on the flash is streight forward and very easy to pick up, even if you are not used to using a Godox lighting system. If you are able to work a modern iPhone then you will easily be able to pick the Godox TT350S up and get it working with minimal effort required on your part to learn the system.

The navigation menu has been specifically designed so everything is easy to find with key settings being at the top of the menu to allow you to easily tweak them when required. This ensures that you are able to tweak the performance of your flash unit to meet the requirements of your photography shoot at any given time.

The video below is a full, in-depth professional level review that we feel our readers may benefit from if you still have not made your mind up about the Godox TT350S. It does a great job of going over a number of examples of the type of photography that you can use the flash unit in as well as how it is able to help improve the image quality of your overall flash photography.