Our Little Akaso Brave 4 Review!

More and more people are wanting to get into the entry level, budget friendly action camera niche so we decided to publish our own Akaso Brave 4 review as we feel it really is one of the best little action cameras currently available on the market right now. In addition to this, the Akaso Brave 4 is without a doubt in our mind the best cheap GoPro alternative out there right now too.

If you are in to your action cameras then chances are you have heard about the Akaso brand over the last year or two. They really have managed to go from strength to strength after setting themselves the goal of becoming the absolute best entry-level action camera brand on the market. They managed to hit the ground running with their initial camera range and they have built on all of the lessons they have learned with each subsequent generation of action cams they have released.

At the time of writing, the Akaso Brave is their most up to date camera with all of their latest technology. It boasts full 4K video recording although its frame rate when recording in 4K is a little slow for any fast-paced action sports. That said though, the 1080p setting is very fast and its frame rate is much better for any sports that are fast paced.

The built in image stabilization technology is without a doubt the best you are going to get at these entry-level prices too. At the time of writing, none of the competition even comes close and in our opinion at least, this is what lets the Akaso Brave 4 compete with the higher price point cameras out there right now.

When it comes to actual photography, the camera boasts a 20MP camera sensor produced by Sony allowing you to capture photographs is excellent quality. The color reproduction on the camera is also excellent too ensuring that your photographs look accurately like the views you will see.

All this ensures that you are getting one of the best deals possible when it comes to a cheap action camera and the robust build quality ensures that you new camera will last you for many years to come witout issue.