The Benefits Of Adding A Tripod To Your Camera Accessories!

As your photography and videography skills progress, chances are that you will want to start adding to your collection of camera accessories. After getting your hands on your initial camera, a lens, and maybe a flash, the next logical step is to purchase a decent quality tripod. This will ensure that you always have some form of image stabilization available with you no matter where you are or what you are trying to get done with your session.

Thankfully, the days of having to shell out a ton of money for a half decent tripod are gone and there are plenty of popular entry-level and budget-friendly tripod brands on the market who offer some excellent products at a very cheap price. If you are in the market for a high-quality yet cheap tripod then we would highly recommend that you take a close look at the Zomei range.

Zomei’s reputation within the community is growing at an exponential rate as they gain the reputation for producting some of the best possible products on the market right now as well as having a budget-friendly price tag. They have done an excellent job of disrupting the market so far and have managed to take a decent market share away from the more established brands such as Manfrotto.

Now, the two main things you have to take into consideration when looking to pick a tripod up is the head type. Although there are a few different popular types on the market right now, the two main ones are the ball head, and the pan head. The ball head is much more common as it is cheaper to product and comes as standard with a large number of tripods. In our opinion, the vast majority of people will be able to get away with using a simple ball head without issue.

That said, if you are going to be using your tripod to provide you with some image stabilization while you try to capture any slow pan video footage or some panoramic photographs then the ball heads performance can easily fall short. This is where the pan head comes is with its extended arm making it very easy to pan your tripod head without a jittery motion. Just like the tripod market, the Pan head market has seen a number of products come onto the market recently that are both high-quality while also having a low price tag. This makes it very easy for anyone to pick up a pan head without having to break the bank.

The other main difference between modern tripods is their leg locking system. The two main ones are the twist lock and the flip lock. Although traditionally, the flip lock system has been the safer lock with the twist lock being the quicker one, modern twist locks provide the same level of security as a flip lock system helping to keep your camera rig safe when in use anyway so we always recommend the twist lock as it saves you a bunch of time in prep.

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