The Best Gimbal For The Nikon D500!

The camera stabilization technology is now in your hands. The Evo Rae 3 features CCI technology and is a new flagship gimbal that presents precision focus control. It will take your video creation to the next level in-camera and stability control. It offers seamless gimbal experience to camera shooting by supporting an array of lenses and professional cameras.

Rage 3 is the gimbal for Nikon D500 cameras. It is designed to smooth that it can be controlled wirelessly using the Pro-Focus Remote. It is like you have a magic wand in your hand with the G-mode that Rage 3 mimics your hand movement.

Exceptional features
8kHz fastest response speed
Run time up to 18 hours
Joystick in 4-way
Tripod compatible
Advance CCI Settings
G-mode to mimic hand motion
Wireless control of Rage 3
Smart-tracking and motion time-lapse
Quick control dial
OLED intuitive display

How Evo Rage 3 excels?

Matchless Performance
The Evo Rage 3 design presents an advanced algorithm offering a great improvement in response speed with a reduction of 20% in drive noise and the motor torque has increased by 50%, thereby offering around 1.5 times energy efficiency. It translates to offering longer runtimes and smoother shots.

More Power, Torque, Payload
Rage 3 offers a payload of 7lb and can handle any lens and DSLR camera combination. It permits you to choose any accessory or wider array of lenses as add-ons.

OLED display
The OLED display of Evo Rage 3 facilitates quick adjustments to the settings. You can check the battery life; know the mode status, parameter settings, CCI and Bluetooth status.

Evo Rage 3 offers seamless focus control, best run-time of 18 hours, independent setting control, advance stabilization modes, new standard Manfrotto mount, new POV mode, advance stabilization modes, and lots more.

Why Rage 3 is exceptional?
Evo Rage 3 is truly special meeting the photography needs. It features automotive-grade encoders and high-torque motors. It features a combination that it completes its own league armored with the best of all features.

The 4-way joystick allows navigating easily using the joystick through Rage 3 controls. The roll, tilt, pan, compatible tripod, versatility, no complex setup, and it’s run-time, makes it highly exceptional.

EVO Rage 3 has the CNC rugged aluminum construction that outlasts DSLR camera. The wireless feature in this gimbal points out the stabilization modes and direction on your go through the remote Evo app in both Android and iOS.

First-time camera users can enjoy connecting the camera and balancing it before turning it. It is ideal to balance beforehand, though you can connect using a cable your DSLR camera and control using the Rage buttons. You can also avoid touching the screen of the camera or fidgeting its shutter buttons.

Wrapping up
Evo Rage 3 from the Gimbal series has given the movie enthusiasts a technologically advanced gimbal. The motors are now upgraded offering effective refresh rates that the good quality gimbal synonym is ‘Evo Rage 3’. Everything that you may expect is available and so make it your reality with a DSLR gimbal.