The Best Gimbal For The Sony A6000!

Regardless of the type of gimbal that is mounted or hand-held, it uses built-in sensors and motors to adjust the camera and detect movement, while it ensures eliminating shake.

For video footage, getting a brushless gimbal is recommended as these are quiet motors. The noise is eliminated and it allows the motors to shoot keeping in mind the audio. The gimbals are quieter at events where you may wish to maintain a low profile without interrupting proceedings. The gimbal such as the Zhiyun Crane Plus is the right fit for Sony A6000 that it can be used in concerts, weddings, etc.

About Zhiyun Crane Plus
Zhiyun Crane Plus is embedding follow-focus controller allowing the focus of the camera to be adjusted and this can be done without touching the camera. It enhances compatibility as it does not use a dedicated motor. It uses a cable and supports the follow-focus feature. The gimbal’s body allows setting various parameters offering a valuable way of tracking the batteries. The OLED screen with the jog dials and the buttons ensure the ease of operation.

Quality build
Smooth and stable filming
Quick- release Manfrotto standard plate
Motors are fast and quiet to respond
PU hard case
Ability to change camera, available for Sony cameras only
Extended camera control
Optional accessories facilitating customization

Advantage of the features

Zhiyun Crane Plus offers an exquisite build quality as it is in aluminum alloy. It is a light gimbal mounted to a tripod that is included. It eliminates extra accessory required even for the longer filming session.

Zhiyun Crane Plus is not just a camera gimbal. It holds your camera weight being a professional stabilizer. Though not all the camera models can be accommodated with Zhiyun Crane Plus, there is no doubt that Sony A6000 is perfectly compatible with the features of Crane Plus.

A Sony camera user can enjoy the features of this gimbal as the charge connection is restricted only to Sony cameras. However, bear in mind to have an eye on the battery life of the Zhiyun Crane Plus as it will get depleted faster. This is because the camera is also getting charged.

The Zhiyun Crane Plus is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It is feature-rich allowing adjustment of parameters and video-shooting mode. It features six-sided calibration and offers optimal gimbal setting. The gimbal connects iPhones with ease and the app is easy to install.

Zhiyun Crane Plus is the right choice and is notably cheaper than the Crane 2. Besides, if you find Crane 2 to be expensive and beyond affordable range, or you do not need all the features of Crane 2 that supports high payload, you may switch to Zhiyun Crane Plus, a wise choice that goes wallet-friendly.
Wrapping Up

With a light-weight build quality, Zhiyun Crane Plus has strong motors and battery life making a good combination to suit mirrorless and DSLR cameras, besides the Smartphones. Enjoy the gimbal Zhiyun Crane Plus offerings.