The Top 7 Tips On How To Take The Best Photos Possible On A Samsung Galaxy Phone!

Most smartphones available in the market today comes with great cameras. Therefore, if you are one of the many consumers who own such devices, then you have a basic thing that you would need in taking great pictures. The latest generation of Samsung Galaxy line of devices features unique software that has great camera features that make these smartphones with arguably the best camera available in the market. These include S6, S6 Active, S6, S7, and S8.

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You can, however, get more from your Samsung Galaxy if you learn how to use the camera features as well as investing in accessories that enhance your photo taking. The Galaxy S6, S7, and the S8 boost of great cameras with an optically stabilized shooter. Besides, Samsung Galaxy phones come great low light performance, fast autofocus as well as advanced image processing. Here are the top tips on how to take the best photos using Samsung Galaxy phones.

1.    Use Burst Mode

One of the most valuable tips for ensuring that you take amazing and quality pictures is using Burst Mode. This is because a fraction of a second can determine the quality of the photo that you take, especially for action photos. The Burst Mode allows you to capture quality pictures at every specific moment in time.

This feature takes a rapid succession of images, and you can pick the best image from the bunch of photos. It is, however, important to understand that Burst Mode feature does not require being activated, but just holding down the shutter button, and the camera starts taking a series of photos instantly.

2.    Set the Camera to the Right Settings

It is important to ensure that your camera is set to the correct settings although it is evident that most people do not like scrolling down through the settings. This ensures that you get the best of out your Samsung Galaxy phone when it comes to shooting pictures. Therefore, you get the right camera settings by tinkering with them while trying new setups to determine the ones that work best.

However, some settings are suitable than others depending on the types of pictures that you shoot. This includes turning Grid Lines, and Tracking AF setting as this will enable you to take better pictures before you become familiar with shooting photos with your Samsung Galaxy phone.

3.    Avoid Using the Camera’s Flash

In most cases, using the flash of you camera results to unwanted causes undesirable effects on the images that you take which might make it come out worse than expected. Therefore, you should turn off the flash, use it sparingly, and use it when you feel that it is necessary. You can, however, take one photo with the flash on and the another one without it being off and see what works best at that precise moment. This will help you to determine the right situations to use the flash and when not to. However, most people will advise you to have the flash on auto mode to ensure that it is used when the camera sees it suitable, but this is not the best way to shoot pictures.

4.    Understand when to use HDR

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers a greater dynamic range that exceeds what a standard picture mode gives you. The HDR refers to photography settings integrated into the top smartphones and standalone cameras. This feature takes multiple pictures of the same shot at different exposures and then picks the best part of each of the images to create a single quality photo.

Some Samsung Galaxy phones like the Galaxy S7 will require you to use a tripod for you take full advantage of the HDR. Failing to set the shot up properly usually leads to poor quality photos, which has made most users hate HDR. However, if you configure the shot on the tripod right and hold it steadily, you are assured of taking quality HDR pictures from your S7 camera.

5.    Adding Smartphone Lenses

The quality of the smartphone lenses is improving at an alarming rate, as they are becoming more practical and smarter. These lenses can maximise the zoom to a wide-angle shot from a narrow, enhance the focus of your camera’s shot and more.      

There are several smartphone lenses available in the market today. Pairing these lenses with a Samsung Galaxy phone camera can help you in taking amazing shots even if novice photographer.

6.    Use Third-Party Apps

It is also a brilliant idea to try third-party apps for android cameras if you feel uncomfortable with the Samsung Galaxy camera for better pictures. However, there very few apps that can match the functionality of Galaxy phone cameras even though there are hundreds of them on the market today.

Most of the third party camera apps are free, but there some paid ones like Camera FV-5, Camera360 Ultimate, and Pro Shot, which are some of the best in the market. These apps enable you to get access to hidden camera settings, which you cannot easily tweak on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Most of these hidden camera settings can significantly affect the way you shoot your pictures and their quality. Therefore, it is a worthy investment if after trying all the modes you cannot get the one that is ideal for your photo taking.

7.    Set the Focus Manually

The latest generation Samsung Galaxy phones such as S6, allows you to configure the focus of the camera manually. Manual Setting of the camera can be handy in some instances, especially when you to take an amazing close-up photo. Moreover, tweaking the focus settings makes taking great bokeh shots possible.

If you want to take an astonishing close-up photo, you should ensure that the focus is set to its closest setting as possible, which is indicated by a flower on the focusing slider. Next, you should place the camera of your phone at about 4 inches from the subject before finding the right focus by moving your camera farther or closer. At this point, you can use the digital zoom to ensure that you have the right focus by getting a closer look at the image. Finally, you can now take a shot if you are like your composition.


Overall, Samsung Galaxy phones have great cameras that guarantee quality pictures and easy photo taking. If you want to take better pictures and get the most from your camera regardless of what you are shooting, try the seven tips that have been discussed above. This ensures that you are able to get the best from your Samsung Galaxy phone camera than you thought possible.