Tutorial For The Quick And Easy Cleaning Of Your DSLR Camera!

Getting dust on your DSLR camera is very common issue. Even a tiny little speck on the lens or sensor is considered a major problem by professional photographers. We are sharing some useful tips to help you with cleaning your expensive DSLR camera cheaply and safely.

You should start with cleaning the external body of the camera. Blow to remove major dust particles from the body. rubber air blaster can also be used to remove bigger dust particles. Denatured alcohol is a very good cleaning agent when is comes to cleaning in greater detail and shining the surface. But be careful with denatured alcohol around leather surfaces. It can remove the glue between two leather surfaces.

Cleaning the external body was the easier part. When you are done with it, you need to clean the Lens and the Sensor.


For cleaning the lens you need these three tools:

You must remember that you should never clean the dust particles directly with wipes. Those dust particles can cause scratches on the lens. The trick is, first remove bigger dust particles by using rubber bulb blower as much as possible without touching the lens. Do not use any brush in the process. Then clean the lens with lens cleaner but do not apply lens cleaner directly to the lens. Apply it to the non-abrasive wipes and then gently rub the lens with the wipe. Be careful while handling these delicate accessories and avoid over-cleaning. Use the lens cap while not in use.


Before starting to clean your sensor you must observe that the battery is fully charged because if your battery runs out while you are cleaning the sensor, the mirror will fall out. It may cost you a very expensive repair. Exterior body of the camera must be thoroughly cleaned before moving to the sensor chamber. Any dust particles on the outside may enter the sensor.

There are two known methods to clean the sensor. Dry cleaning method and Wet cleaning method but Dry cleaning method is more advisable. You need to have following tools for the process:

This method is very simple and straightforward. As the sensor is the most delicate and important part of the camera so you must not touch anything while cleaning. Put down your DSLR on a clean table instead of holding it. Use  to blow out the dirt and dust particles. Do not use wipes. Never use canned air as the propellant may leave a residual layer on the surface. By blowing bigger dust particles should normally fall out of the sensor chamber. Use sensor scope to look for tiny particles. Keep blowing until you find no more dust in the chamber. Take a photo of white paper and zoom in to locate any residual particles. Avoid changing the lenses again and again. While you are doing so, be careful to do it in clean place and with camera pointing downwards, so any dust particles won’t land on your sensor. Keep the camera bag clean and don’t let any dust to build-up. Clean the bag and cap oftenly.