Tips on Taking Photos of the Stars

Are you someone whose passion is photography and you are looking for some tips of taking the starry sky photos? Well, then you have definitely come to the right place to look for the relevant tips that will help you to become a pro photographer to take the photos of the stars in the night sky. Who doesn’t love the bright lit up sky with the sparkling diamond like stars etched on the dark night sky! Well, to help you to take the best shots of stars in the night sky, this article will offer you some valuable tips on taking the photos of the stars.

Some important tips on taking photos of the stars:

The photography of the stars is known as astrophotography. Although it may seem easy to pick up the camera and just take the photos of the star, there are actually many levels photography and control as well that you will need to know. One of the recommended for night photography is RAW as this will provide more control when you are going to edit the end image. There are some things that you need for photography of the stars and these are:

  • Tripod: you will need a tripod. When you are dealing with the astrophotography, you will need to deal with the tens of seconds in the exposure; therefore you will need to use the tripod to stabilize the camera.
  • Manual control camera: When you are doing astrophotography, the manual control of the ISO and the camera shutter speed is going to be very essential.
  • Wider aperture length: When you are doing astrophotography, you will definitely require a lot of light and the best one for this is the f/2.8 for the astrophotography.
      • If you are an amateur photographer, who is interested in astrophotography, you will need to ensure that you know the basics of photography when taking the photos. There are various e-books available online and tutorials as well, which you can definitely follow. A good basic understanding of photography will ensure that you can take the best shots with your camera. For the professional photographers, who are interested in photography can skip this section to move to the next point!
      • The next important thing you will need to consider is the location, when you are going to do astrophotography. As you have completed collecting all the necessary items for photography, location is the next one you will definitely need to consider. For the astrophotography and there is the issue of light pollution in the huge cities. Therefore, to do astrophotography, you will need to drive at least an hour or two from the city to get away from the blinding city lights. For the iPhone users, there is an app called Star Walk which will help the astrophotographers like you to find the perfect location for astrophotography, where the light pollution will not interfere with your astrophotography sessions and you will be able to take the breathtaking astro-photographs.
      • Then you will need to consider the basic set up of astrophotography. You will require a good combination of high ISO, wider aperture and longer shutter speed as well. For example: for the kayaks under the star photos, you can use an aperture of f/2.8 and an ISO of 1250 and also an exposure of 30 seconds.
      • Always check the weather before you are heading for the astrophotography. When the cloud is covering the sky, you will not be able to take the photography of the stars. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the weather is good and the sky is clear, which will allow you to get the best shot when you are doing astrophotography. Another important thing you will need to know about the astrophotography is that the earth is constantly rotating and the stars will also appear to be moving when you are going to take the shots. Always remember that, the longer your exposure time is, the longer the trails will be. The exposure time will vary based on the light that is emitted from the moon.
      • Make sure that the sensor heat is a major problem and the longer the sensor is switched on, the more heat is going to be generated as well. If you are taking a picture with the cold sensor, it will make less noise, compared to when it is heated up.
      • Focus on the focusing with the camera when you are taking the picture of the stars. No camera lenses will allow you to focus properly at the vast sky with the stars. You should be able to focus your camera on a moonless night. This is because the stars are clearer on a moonless night and you will be able to get a better shot of the night sky. Also mark the spot on your lens where the infinity is on the camera lens, so that you can take the best pictures. This will also help you to save a lot of precious time as well.
      • Astrophotography can be quite intensive in nature as you will need to wait for a longer period of time to get the perfect single exposure. It can be a very rewarding exposure if you can do so. If you can’t seem to get the perfect shot, don’t worry! All you need is some practice and practice definitely makes a man perfect! This way, you will be able to get the best shot of the starry sky.
      • When you are using a camera to take the pictures of the starry sky, make sure to use a professional DSLR camera of a good brand. This way, the quality of your astro photos will come great!
      • When taking the pictures of the starry sky, do not go immediately as the evening starts; make sure that there are no types of artificial lights interfering when you are going for the photo sessions.

To conclude, with these tips, you will be able to take the best shots of the stars, although it does require some intensive labor, astrophotography is indeed very rewarding!

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