Top 7 Tips on How to Take the Best Photos Possible On an iPhone!

The iPhone is a great device, especially when it comes to taking pictures. It features fantastic software and hardware, and it is user-friendly. However, the most important thing in ensuring that you take astonishing pictures is to understand the tools of the device fully. Of course, you might most likely know how to take the pictures with your phone, but at times some features that you could have forgotten and sometimes possibly not known.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you learn about some of the tricks that involve these forgotten or unknown features that enable you to get amazing pictures. These methods will allow you to work around most of the limitations of this device, as it is normal for any camera to have some. Here are the top seven tricks on how to take the best photos on an iPhone.

1.    Use the Camera Shortcut of your iPhone

The first trick to ensure that you take those great pictures is ensuring that you use the iPhone camera shortcut. This is because even though there are several third party camera apps available, you need to have speed on your side to ensure that you can capture those memorable moments of time. The speed that you will not get by having to unlock your phone first look for the app, tap on the icon and then wait for it to load before taking your picture.

Using the camera shortcut allows you to swipe from the lock screen and quickly take your picture with the right timing. Besides, you can also do a similar thing when you are on your Home screen or in the third-party camera app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This allows you to launch the control centre, which lets you tap on the camera button.

2.    Ensure that the Camera focus and Exposure are Set

This allows you to apply exposure and compensation to direct your camera on where to focus by just tapping on the screen. Moreover, this also determines how bright or dark the image taken will be.

Therefore, the iPhone camera will automatically try to balance the bright backlight and the dark subject, if you are taking of your friend in a room with their back facing the window. This is because your camera will know what you want to prioritize when you tap them and ensure that the scene is brighter.

3.    Set your Shooting Mode to Suit the End Result

The iPhone camera comes with a variety of shooting modes for taking snaps that include snaps, photo and panorama. It might seem as obvious, but it is good to state that you should set your camera mode to match the mode that you plan to publish your pictures. For instance, if you want to take photos that you will post to Instagram, it will be convenient to use a square mode as it helps you to frame your picture better. This is because a photo mode will require you to crop your image afterwards.

4.    Turn Off your Camera’s Flash

The iPhone flash is not that powerful despite the improvement of the brand in the latest generations of the device. This is because it is just an LED light, which might result to a strange hue onto your pictures.

Therefore, it is advisable to use to try shooting in natural lighting sources or use the Camera app’s exposure slider if you are shooting at night to boost light in your snap. Besides, using Photojojo’s Pocket Spotlight is recommendable for those who do not mind carrying an extra gear as it emits relatively more light as compared to your iPhone’s flash.

5.    For Action Shots use Burst Mode

If you are taking action shots, may be chasing a bunch of kids, trying sports photography or shooting while on a bumpy ride burst mode is the right option. The mode is available for the latest generation of iPhones from iPhone 5s upwards and could be just the only option that you need in taking the best photos.

The burst mode was originally included for shooting clear pictures of subjects in motion, but it has proved ideal for making quality images while the camera is moving too. This allows you to take a clear picture when you are snapping photos in quick succession.

Shooting in Burst mode requires you to tap and hold on down the shutter (or press up volume button) when you want to start snapping. Once you hold down the shutter button, a counter will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating the number shots that you have snapped.

6.    Minimize Camera Shake

The latest generation of iPhone’s has significantly improved, but the fact is that sometimes they struggle in low light, especially at indoors or dusk. Therefore, it is important to hold your phone still at the scene as the camera will often take longer exposures to compensate for the low light. However, iPhone 6 plus and 6s Plus features an Optical image stabilisation to help in solving this issue. You can use the old-fashioned techniques to hold your device to reduce camera shake. These include resting your hands on a low wall, leaning against a vertical surface on the side of your body to steady it as well as tucking your elbows into your body and holding your device in both hands.

7.    Use High Dynamic Range (HDR) while Taking your Shots

Taking shots in HDR allows you to take advantage of a mix of three different exposures of a scene. This ensures that you are still able to see every detail in both very dark and bright areas. However, sometimes it HDR shots can be a bit peculiar or flat, where you can opt for either non-HDR or regular.

It is also important to understand that iPhone has the ability to HDR shots even if it has a little capacity. Using this feature is, however, an option that you can try to see whether it will for that particular shooting, as there are other options.


In conclusion, there are several other tips that can help you in getting quality pictures, but these are some of the best that you should consider trying. Other tips include adding more accessories to compliment the ability of your iPhone’s camera and locking your focus by holding down a spot on your viewfinder. There is a wide variety of additional bits of hardware that can greatly improve your the snapping of your iPhone.